Catching up.

Throughout the summer, my friend Johnena and I ran three days a week together, with a goal of running a 10K in September. For one reason or another it kept getting put off until we finally ran it in early November. There weren't any official races in the area around that time, so Johnena's husband Joe mapped out a course for us in their neighborhood, and our friend Sarah decided to run with us! Our husbands biked along the route to give us water and encouragement, as well as directions for making the right turns along the 6.2 mile course. It felt good to accomplish our goal and we all had fun doing it together!

And we're off!

Here, Johnena and I are running through Ferry Park, which is part of our regular morning running routine. It's been fun to see the same people in the park at the same time every day. We don't know their names, but we always say hi and have come to recognize a lot of now-familiar faces.

For the finish!

The champions, modeling our awesome T-shirts that Joe made for us to commemorate the "Air Commando Wives 10K." (I was an honorary air commando wife that day...or maybe Kelly was an honorary air commando...something like that anyway.) :)

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