I've recently been enjoying seeing the unique blossoms of plants in the genus Polygala.

Candyroot (Polygala nana)

Orange Milkwort (Polygala lutea)

Chapman's Milkwort (Polygala chapmanii)

Hooker's Milkwort (Polygala hookeri)

Procession Flower (Polygala incarnata)

Tall Pinebarren Milkwort (Polygala cymosa)

Linear to lanceolate basal leaves of P. cymosa

Low Pinebarren Milkwort (Polygala ramosa)

Elliptic to spatulate basal leaves of P. ramosa

Drumheads (Polygala cruciata)

Littleleaf Milkwort (Polygala brevifolia)
Similar to Drumheads, but with longer peduncle, typically shorter leaves, and blunter wings on each flower.

Showy Milkwort (Polygala violacea)

Scalloped Milkwort (Polygala crenata)

Racemed Milkwort (Polygala polygama)


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Hey Kelly,

Love your blog! Just loved the snake vs. legless lizard entry. I hope that you and Sarah are doing well. Tell her to post something new about Baby J. By the way, I think you should name him Lincoln, Logan, or Xander. I will call you soon.

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Sarah Reg. is anon. Sorry. I wasn't logged in.