New blog!

With only three weeks to go until our son enters the world, we decided to create a more personal space to post updates, pictures, videos, etc. of the "family" side of our lives. Of course, it will largely feature the kiddo, but we'll try to keep it interesting with other things as well. Kelly will keep updating Onward, Westward with all of his great nature finds and photography, but if you're interested in following our personal side as well, check us out at htpp://us-plus.blogspot.com. We've also included a link under the "Links" heading on the right-hand sidebar to make it easy to go from one blog to the other.

If you decide to follow us there, we hope you'll enjoy it! If you're here just for the nature/biology fun, then keep coming back! Kelly will still maintain this site just like always -- and you won't have to scroll through baby pictures to find your target species. :)