My parents down for a visit

March was a busy month for Sarah and I, with a visit from our friends Kate and Nate, a brief but enjoyable trip to TX, and ending with my parents coming down from MN. We had pretty nice weather while my parents were down, in contrast to the messy late winter weather that makes Minnesotans long for Spring.

Visits to the beach were key.

A Portuguese Man O' War washed up on the beach was an unexpected find. The color makes them quite beautiful.

My dad and I got out to do some poking around, and he spotted this Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake...

...as well as these two male Longnose Gar competing for good spawning position alongside the big female.

We hit some of the local restaurants that we like, including McGuire's Irish pub and restaurant. The money stapled all over the ceiling is somewhat tacky, but they really do have great food and at least one good beer that they make on site. We also enjoy the live Irish music they have there.

We kept busy, but some good rest is always key.

No photos to show for this, but we had bottlenose dolphins right outside our apartment just about every day my parents were here. One day, they put on a real show, with lots of fish-catching, jumping way out of the water, and playing with each other. Until a hurricane knocks our place down, I can say 'I'm glad we live next to the water.'