All moved in

After a couple of wonderful months traveling and visiting friends and family (I know, I know...we've been remiss. We'll post pictures and tell tales soon), we've finally made it to Texas and officially moved in. We've already even had our first visitors! Kelly's parents stayed for a week in early February, so we got to cheer the Colts on to a Superbowl victory together!

This season of the blog may be less interesting since we are much farther from unique places here than we were in Oregon. Because of that, and because of Kelly's work schedule, we probably won't be able to make every weekend an adventure like we did before, but we'll sure do our best and keep you posted on how it goes. :)

This weekend, though, it's off to the lower Rio Grande for us to do some exploring before Kelly starts work on Monday. We'll post those pictures, as well as stories and pictures from our California camping trip and our Christmas in Jamaica soon.

While we're excited about this new adventure, we are still mourning our move from Oregon. We really, really miss it out there, and Texas sure doesn't feel like home...yet.

This was just too good to not post - I got a jersey to show my Colts pride so far from home, and Kelly, instead of getting a jersey, decided to use athletic tape to make a huge horseshoe on his shirt. Not quite enough planning went into it, though, so it ended up being off-center and tilted, and the tape bunched up his shirt in different places. It looked hillarious, but it was definitely still effective!