Happy Campers

Perhaps this is old news, but I forgot to post it earlier... The weekend we returned from our 3500 mile trip, we went camping on Dauphin Island with our friends the Browns & Bernardonis. There was a renaissance festival going on that day, so we went...but it ended up being kind of lame. We thought there might be ways to participate in the festival, but it was really more like a convention of people who like to role-play renaissance period characters. The rest of us were just observers.

Dauphin Island is a great area for birding, and there is a nice bike path around the entire island, so we were able to ride our bikes and hit a bunch of spots for good scenery and birds. That night, we grilled up some burgers and made smores around the fire. We debated singing campfire songs, but I think everyone except Sarah Bernardoni was against it. Maybe next time, Sarah. :)

Kelly and Berni, getting us there in style.

Sarahs, chillin' in the backseat.

The requisite tourist shot.

A pretty view of a swampy area on our hike.

An awesome live oak.

On our bike ride.

Around the campfire: Johnena Brown, Sarah Bernardoni, and Kelly.


Joe and Johnena, cooking up some tasty marshmallows.


Kelly said...

That's the best looking s'more photo I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Run away quickly from Renaissance Festivals! They are magnets for the worst kinds of self-satisfied weirdness.