The crackle of the fire; the roar of the sea

One of the best things about living where we do is having fires on the beach at night. We got a visit from a very close friend of ours this weekend, and spent both nights around the fire, with great conversation and delicious fire-grilled teriyaki steak kabobs, all set to the natural soundtrack of crashing waves and crackling flames. Does it get any better than this?

We also had a great time at Cannon Beach showing Shawn the puffins and the haystacks.


lisa g. said...

Sarah! It was so GREAT to talk to you today! We all miss you so much, but we are so happy for you!! I know how much you must really be lovin' life right about now. I read your blogs and see all these beautiful pics, and I have to admit, I'm a bit envious of the life you're living right now! To be free to do all that you're doing...enjoy every minute of it!!! My best wishes to both of you!! Please keep in touch, and a BIG THANKS for this blog!!!


sarah said...

I'm glad you like it! It's because of your suggestion that we're doing it! :)

Crip said...

Wow, Shawn! That is an AMAZING Haircut! Did anyone help you with it?