Fauna selections of the Ontario fishing trip

I paid much attention to the birds of Ontario, but found it easier to take pictures of other things, with the exception of a bird in an egg (they can't fly away).

What is this Clubtail? (Gomphus sp.?) on Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis)

Green Comma (Polygonia faunus) on a flaky-barked tree. Pretty effective camouflage I think.

One-eyed Sphinx Moth (Smerinthus cerisyi) conveniently (for me) attracted along with many other moths to lights left on at night. Unfortunately, many moths don't accomplish the reproduction necessary for the next generation to exist because of the lights we leave on and because of their inability to fight the seemingly stupid attraction to those lights.

Common Loon (Gavia immer) nest with single egg. Apparently most loons lay more than one egg, and one-egg nests are usually due to the loss of the first egg.

This mouse, along with a couple others that showed up in our cabin, was just cute enough for me to include on this post. I forgot my mammal guide in Indiana, so I haven't been able to try to identify it yet. If anyone can tell, I'm all ears.


lisa g. said...

Sarah!! That looks like the mouse we had in our office!! Are you sure one of your kitties didn't bring it along on the trip to play with and you just now found it?? =)

lisa g. said...

"you're all ears..." Very funny! Actually this is what we call the fieldous mouseous. =)