old faces, new places

The past few weekends have been pretty low-key for us. We got to hang out with some Taylor friends of ours in Portland a couple of weekends ago, which was great. We got to tour the town from the eyes of locals, and it was really nice to see the familiar faces of people that we share some history with.

Last weekend we went to Long Beach in Washington, which claims to be the longest in the world. It's a beautiful area, and we were virtually alone. . . which is an amazing thing on a huge stretch of sandy beach. It's a breeding habitat for the endangered Western Snowy Plovers, so a lot of the beach is blocked off to preserve their nesting sites.


Crip said...

WOW! That must have taken FOREVER for you guys to etch those patterns into the sand!

Andy Z said...

Sarah, wow, I just got an email from Lisa at the Bureau telling me to check out your adventures. If you ever get down the Bend, look me up.

And stalk the Goonies house for me!

sarah said...

Hi Andy! I've thought of you often being just a few hours away! I hear that Bend is a great town, so if we ever make it down there, I'll definitely let you know! And same goes for you if you feel like coming up to Astoria!