Nungesser Lake, Ontario fishing trip

For the first time in two years, I got to go on our annual family fishing trip with my dad, my brothers Alex and Chris, my uncle Jim, and my cousin John.

1. My dad with one of many large walleyes caught during the week. We only ate the tender little ones, so this one is probably still cruising the lake.

2. I'm not sure which one would inflict the worse bite, Alex or the walleye...

3. A quality catch not quite caught on film. Four of us landed 24+ inch walleyes within about a minute of each other. Alex had already thrown his back, but I was trying to get the other three in the same shot. The one that Chris was holding flipped out of his hands just before I could take the picture.

4. After a meal on the lake, sometimes a nap is in order. I happened to find my lifer Spruce Grouse inland from this peninsula.

5. After a rough and exciting boat ride, we were blessed with a spectacular double rainbow. From the boat, we were able to see the complete arch.

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