My first prescribed fire

This week, I finally got to go out and participate in an 1,100 acre prescribed fire. I spent the first half of the day learning about playing the role of Red-cockaded Woodpecker biologist on the burn, which basically entails protecting good woodpecker cavity trees from getting torched. During the second half, I got to drive lines through the woods on an ATV with a huge drip torch type thing squirting fire out the back. All in all, I liked it and want to do more.


Ditchdigger said...

So jealous! That sounds like a blast.

I was back in Texas last week. My boss has 50 acres out in the hill country. The whole crew was out there messing around on a ropes course he's got and the whole time I was thinking, "man i wish Kelly was here to show us where all the snakes are."

Kelly said...

Yeah, I think you would've liked it. Thanks for thinking of me. You're comment kind of makes me miss Texas a bit. I think that's a first. Not sure about Texas right now, but in North Florida it's a tough time of year to find snakes.