Ben Stein

I recently had the pleasure (and luxury of time) of hearing a talk that Ben Stein (famous as boring teacher from Ferris Bueller's Day Off) gave to the California Commonwealth Club (I know nothing about that club beyond the assumption that it's strongly affiliated with the state of California). I usually like or dislike what I hear on NPR to varying degrees. However, in this case, I felt strongly positive enough about what Mr. Stein had to say that I want to give you a chance to hear it too. The link below should allow you to watch and hear his talk. I thought it was insightful, optimistic, and at times profound. The only downside is that it's an hour long. I found it to be well worth the time. If you spend the time and find it to be a waste of an hour, I guess I owe you a beer (maybe two if you're really bitter).

Ben Stein on How Not to Ruin Your Life at the California Commonwealth Club.


Crip said...

Listen to Ben Stein for an hour? HAHA, I'm not falling for that one. Nice try though!

Ditchdigger said...

Hey Kelly - Good stuff, once he finished with that mint he was chewing on in the beginning. I still couldn't get Ferris Bueller out of my head while he was talking.