Gulf Saltmarsh Snake and other neat herps

I was excited to finally get a chance to photograph a Gulf Saltmarsh Snake. I had seen them in the past, but without a camera. The other species are simply ones I've enjoyed seeing in the past few weeks.

Gulf Saltmarsh Snake (Nerodia clarkii clarkii)

Cottonmouth (Agkistrodon piscivorus)

male Six-lined Racerunner (Aspidoscelis sexlineata sexlineata)

River Frog (Lithobates heckscheri)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,

Cool Pics. John and I saw a cotton mouth in the Everglades, only it didn't show its inner mouth to us.

I posted updates on my blog, now you have to post more pictures of Elliott on Us, Plus!


Anonymous said...


Enjoyed looking at your pictures of the gulf salt marsh snake. Wonder if I could use one in a book I've written on tidal marshes: Tidal Wetlands Primer (University of Massachusetts Press).

Thanks for your consideration.

R. Tiner