Oil on our beaches

Like countless others who live along the gulf coast, along with many who don't, I'm feeling pretty lousy about what's been going on with BP's runaway oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. I don't really know who to direct my frustration towards, since I am a part of this society that demands so much oil to continue our way of life.

As long as the oil was washing up on shores other than those that I can see, it still felt somewhat surreal to me. A couple days ago, nearly two months after the oil rig sank on April 22, Sarah and I finally saw mats of oil sheen and tar balls that have begun washing up on our beaches in Okaloosa County, FL. I feel thankful for the delay we enjoyed with clean water and beaches, but now have begun feeling a sense of dread at how fouled things will become as this mess plays itself out.

Beach within walking distance of our apartment pre-oil

Tar balls amidst oil sheen washed up on beach

Random boom ready to be deployed at a city park

A short video of the clean surf on the sand

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Will Rees Fine Wood Working said...

i feel as helpless as you, i am enjoying the coast as much as i can for now, even if we don't get heavy oil on NC beaches it will effect the sea life offshore