Pitcher plants of Eglin

I've been really enjoying seeing our beautiful pitcher plants in bloom this Spring. I thought I'd put up some photos of some of the pitchers (modified leaves) and their flowers. We're fortunate to have at least five species in the area.

Sarracenia leucophylla flower

Sarracenia leucophylla flower with two pitchers below

Sarracenia leucophylla pitchers

Sarracenia flava pitcher

Sarracenia flava flower

Sarracenia rubra flowers

Sarracenia psittacina flowers

Sarracenia purpurea flower

Sarracenia purpurea pitchers

Sarracenia flava pitchers with a couple very red Sarracenia leucophylla pitchers

I've always thought that the pitcher plant flowers are unique and interesting. Click HERE to see a clearly-labeled diagram showing all the flower parts.


Filatore said...

Fantastic photos....

Kelly said...

Thanks! It's hard not to like carnivorous plants that look so cool.