Our Next Big Adventure

We've moved across the country multiple times. We've turned long and short weekends into memorable excursions. What's next on our adventure agenda? A baby BOY! After almost seven years of marriage, Kelly and I finally decided to take the plunge into parenthood, and today, we got to put a face with a...well, not quite a name yet, but that will come soon enough. See our pictures and video below for the first glimpses of our little man!

In this profile shot, he's facing up with his spine going to the left.

Here you can see his legs at the top of the photo. They look at little disjointed, but I swear he has knees! The ultrasound is just picking up the hard bone structures rather than what right now are soft growth plates at the knees. (You can see his body diving down to the very right of the picture. The structure just below the legs is the placenta.)

Fortunately, he does not have 6-7 toes on one foot...his two feet are just overlapping in this one -- since his legs are crossed like in the above photo.

Here he's facing upward, head at right, with his hand near his face.

And this is a video of his sweet little heartbeat! The "false starts" at the beginning are just the ultrasound technician getting the doppler in the exact location to hear it the best:

And for those of you who have asked for it, here's a photo to show how "pregnant" I look these days. I'm 19 weeks (out of 40) -- almost half-way!:

Kelly wants me to point out the Common Loon I'm looking at in the water to the left and back. :)


Mother Mary said...

He is such an adorable Poppyseed!

Crip said...

If he is still a poppyseed, he is one large poppyseed.

MWYork said...

Congratulations Kelly and Sarah!

With 7 toes on one foot? He's going to be a great soccer player!

Congrats and nice Common Loon.


kate so said...

Congrats! He is SO cute...I think. Just kidding. It will be fun to see more picture next month.

Steph said...

So Sarah, what are you trying to say about babies with 6 toes on one foot?