Kelly has entertained everyone with all the salamanders he got to see on our long trip last month, so I figure I'd take a little real estate on our blog to show all the awesome people we got to see, too. :)

Our main reason for going to Indy was to celebrate Sarah and John's wedding! Congratulations again, you crazy kids!

We were really happy to get to hang out (too briefly!) with our friends Scott & Kira and Mike & Meghan. Mike & Meghan escaped before we could get their picture, but here's us with Scott & Kira and their too-cute son, Brody. We love you guys!

We had a great time with my family as well!

We also got to spend a fun day/evening with our good friends Kate and Nate in Philadelphia, although sadly we didn't take any photos to document our fun. Boo.

From Philly, it was on to Alexandria, VA to visit Chris, Jess, and baby Henry! It was our first time meeting our new nephew, and we were smitten.

Us with the new family at Christ Church in Alexandria (where George Washington attended church).

Chris and Jess are lucky enough to have a Dogfish Head Alehouse very close to them. We went one evening and had a few delicious beverages.

Awwwww...Henry loves Uncle Kelly!

We also went to the Museum of Natural History in DC, where we saw the skeleton of a giant ground sloth. It basically looked like the skeleton of a cave troll.

On our way home, we stayed the night in Savannah, GA, because it was on our way and we'd never been there before. We had a great dinner at Moon River Brewery, and enjoyed a walk along the river in the historic district.

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