Reunited, and it feels so good.

As a senior in college, I lived with 9 girls in a house we dubbed, "The Mansion." Before we graduated, we recognized that time and geographic distance would make it challenging for us to keep up on these friendships that were so transformative in our lives. Therefore, we committed to coming together again at least once a year. Every year for six years we've made good on that promise -- gathering together for a long weekend of celebrating our dear friendships, catching up on the details of life, and -- as always with this group -- discussing challenging issues and sharing our souls. This weekend was no exception. We converged on Kansas City and spent an amazing four days of long talks, little sleep, delicious food, hillarious moments and incredible connection. Unfortunately we were missing three vital pieces this year -- Jes, Renee, and Smose, your absence was deeply felt!

For a full set of photos from the weekend, click here (compliments of Kate Bowman-Johnston).

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