Spear fishing

Spear fishing has been my most recent hobby addition. I dig it. I'm not very good yet, but some fish take less skill to shoot than others, so I don't have to be a pro to eat. So far, I've made fried fish, lots of fish tacos, and Indian fish curry with roasted local chestnuts added. This photo is from last week when I went with a couple guys that I've met that are good at this. I shot two of the spade fish (the silvery, long-finned ones). Tonight, we'll be eating fresh snapper shot in the bay out from our apartment (this statement only applies to the day I'm posting this, and hopefully many other random nights).


Anonymous said...

I hear Dragon's Milk can really bring out the flavor of a freshly speared fish.

Kelly said...

While that is a pretty widely known fact, the dragons don't seem to be lactating in this part of the country.

Crip said...

"I will not rest till I have killed every last dragon."
-some guy