Patty Griffin LIVE!

The weekend before we left Texas, Kelly and I got to see Patty Griffin, one of my favorite musicians, performing live in her hometown of Austin, TX! It was an amazing concert, although they didn't allow cameras into the venue...so I don't have footage of the show we were at, but I've included a video from a different show of her playing "No Bad News" from her brand new album, Children Running Through.

One of the highlights of the night was meeting the couple standing next to us throughout the concert. They are kindreds. Check out their blog, Fools that Dream, for some great photos and thoughtful commentary on the beauty and intricacy of "ordinary life."

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Abby said...

Kelly and Sarah! I miss you guys! I just stumbled upon your blog after looking through Ben and Nikki's...and I am thrilled. I lost your email address, Sarah...so please write to me so we can catch up! abby.breyer@gmail.com.

Hope to talk soon...