Ready, Aim...

We spent this weekend with our friends Billi and Brendan in Olympia, WA. A river borders their property, so they built a campsite on along the river's bank. It's pretty amazing. We slept there our first night, then spent a lazy day doing some hiking and birding in the area. On Sunday, Kelly and I got our first tastes of archery. They have a target set up in their back yard and we got to try both their recurved and compound bows. It was great fun, and although I still have a lot to learn, I did actually hit the target a few times!

Is it Kelly. . . or Legolas?

If you click on this picture to blow it up, you can see the arrow right through the deer's heart! Kelly hit the bullseye!

Okay, so my technique isn't the best yet, but hey! I'm having fun!


Mom Hinkle said...

A bullseye is pretty impressive, Kelly!

chuck browning said...

this is your cousin from texas. i'm in iraq right now, but i hope to get back up to st helens, oregon to see some friends when i get home in a couple of months. oregon is really nice. mostly i just miss trees. ya'll have fun now, ya hear?


sarah said...

Hi Chuck! Unfortunately Kelly and I will be gone already before you get to St. Helens (his job is just seasonal). St. Helens is only about an hour from Astoria, though... but here's the funny part--we'll be moving to Texas next! We'll be in the Ft. Hood area. How far is that from where you live?