Having a "blast"

Last weekend we trekked out to Mt. St. Helens for a camping/hiking trip with a few of Kelly's coworkers. We hiked an arrid, scrubby trail through the blast zone, and the next day hiked through the lush forests unaffected by the eruption. It was interesting to see the contrasts in the landscape, even 26 years later.

The mountain is smoking again, and rumbles have been heard from within it. Many of the trails are closed to hikers, and warnings were posted for rock and mountian climbers to "climb at your own risk." They are concerned there might be another eruption soon...

See the smoke?

Mt. St. Helens on the right; Mt. Rainier on the left (the small white mound in the distance).


Grandma Maya said...

Your Mom gave me your blog site. It is really fun to see your pictures--they are gorgeous. I really envy you being there. Try see it all!!! Everyone is here, even Shawn. We are going out for dinner tonight and will miss you two too. I talked with Andrea. She said the quail on her garden wall are called Gambels Quail. We saw them every day, several in a row walking on the top of the wall. So cute! Your Mom sends her love. Take care. sip, sip Love, Grandma. P.S. I will be watching you now on the computer.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly and Sarah,
I showed your blog site and all the pictures to Grandpa tonight. He really enjoyed seeing the pictures and hearing about your adventures. You certainly have had some very wonderful trips around the whole Northwest area. I hope you continue to have more interersting trips. It was fun to see the pictures from the Canada fishing trip too. Love from Grandma Maya and Grandpa K.C.